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How to play ludo with real money in India and win cash prizes

How to play ludo with real money in India and win cash prizes

Ludo is a game that originated in Ancient time and has been played by children and adults alike since then. The object of the game is to move all your pieces from one side of the board to another while avoiding other players’ pieces.
You can play ludo with real money by joining an online site like Diamond Ludo. In this article, we’ll explain you how to make it happen!

II. How to Play Ludo with Real Money

There are two types of ludo games: one is where you can bet on the outcome and the other is where you can choose your own strategy (for example, using dice). Each game has its own rules, so before starting your journey into playing ludo for real money ludo in India, it’s important that you understand those rules. Here are some things to keep in mind:

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A. Find a Legitimate Site:

1. Check the website for reviews. There are a lot of fake sites on the internet, so you should always read reviews before depositing money in a gambling site.

2. Check if they have a license or not. You can check the license of any company by going to their official website and checking whether they are licensed or not, or by looking at their website itself and seeing if there’s an option where you can search for licenses online (or by searching Google).

If there is no such option available then it means that this particular site has no license whatsoever and therefore cannot legally offer any kind of game play services!

3. Make sure that they have an email address associated with their contact information page; otherwise don’t contact them because this would mean sending messages over non-secure channels like WhatsApp text messages etc.

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B. Understand the Rules: 

To play ludo with real money in India and win cash prizes, you need to understand the rules. The rules are simple:

1. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards by forming a horizontal line or vertically lined up columns. If you can’t do that, then it’s game over for you!

2. You must face an opponent who has an equal number of cards as yours but whose hand is filled from top down (meaning he always starts with five cards).

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C. Choose a Budget:

1. You can play ludo with real money in India by choosing a budget. It will help you calculate the amount you can afford to invest in the game.

2. The most common way to play ludo is through an online platform or an app. In this case, you will have to pay a certain amount of money before playing.

3. The budget you set determines how well you can play, and it will hold you against opponents of similar skill levels.

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III. Strategies for Winning at Ludo
 A. Analyzing the Dice Rolls 

1. The first step to winning at ludo is to understand the game. The best way to do this is by playing it yourself. If you’re new to ludo, we’ve got a great guide for you here:

2. The second step to winning at ludo is to learn how the dice work. Dice are rolled in pairs and each pair has two possible outcomes. There are four different dice types in ludo, each with their own combination of two options. Here’s what they look like:

3. Next, we need to learn how these dice are used by players to win prizes. Each die type has its own way of being used for different purposes, so we’ll cover all four here:

Finally, we need to understand how players win prizes from these options and how they can use them effectively in order to maximize their chances of winning prizes.

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B. Blocking Your Opponents 

While playing Ludo with real money in India, you will have to face your opponents who also want to win the game. You can block your opponent’s move by placing a piece in front of him or her. If you do not get any piece on your turn, then there is no way for you to block anyone else.

However, if you place a piece behind another player’s piece, then this will force him or her to move away from the board. This way, it becomes difficult for them to reach their destination and win the game.

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C. Taking Calculated Risks 

One of the ways to win real money is by calculating risks. Calculating risks means taking calculated chances, while risking as little as possible. There are many ways of calculating risks and gambling is just one of them.

You can calculate risks like playing with a small amount but making sure that you are taking enough advantage of it.


There are many ways to play ludo with real money in India. In this article, we’ve covered some of the most important strategies for winning at Ludo.

So why are you waiting? Start playing ludo with real money and win cash prizes now.


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