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Real Money Ludo Game

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At DiamondLudo, we bring you an unparalleled online Real Money Ludo experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting started, our platform offers exciting features, fair gameplay, and the chance to win real money. Join our community and discover the thrill of DiamondLudo today!

Instant Withdrawal​

Instant Withdrawal

Access your winnings instantly and effortlessly with our quick withdrawal feature.

Fair Game Play​

Fair Game Play

Enjoy a fair and level playing field with our advanced anti-cheat systems.

Safe & Secure​

Safe & Secure

Play with confidence knowing your data and transactions are fully protected.

Win Real Money

Turn your Ludo skills into cash prizes and real rewards with every game.

100% Safe & Secure Payments

Make payments confidently with DiamondLudo. We support GPay, PhonePe, UPI, and bank transfers to ensure your transactions are always safe and secure.

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How to Install DiamondLudo App

Follow these simple steps to install the DiamondLudo app and start playing. Enjoy seamless gameplay and win real cash prizes effortlessly!

Step 1

Step 1

Click “Download App” to continue.


Step 2

Click on “Download Anyway” to start downloading.

Step 2

Step 3

Turn on “Allow Apps” from this source.


Step 4

Click on “Install” to play game & earn real cash.

Diamond Ludo Games Mode

Explore different ways to play real money Ludo on DiamondLudo. Our platform offers various game modes to suit your preferences, allowing you to enjoy the excitement and thrill of Ludo while winning real money in India!

Quick Ludo Mode

Quick Ludo

Experience fast-paced Ludo matches. Take your 2 pawns home quickly and enjoy the thrill of quick victories. 

Classic Ludo Mode

Classic Ludo

Enjoy the traditional Ludo gameplay. Take your 4 pawns home and relive the classic Ludo experience.

Ludo Tournaments


Compete in exciting tournaments and win big. Play against multiple winners in one game and showcase your skills.

Our Real Money Ludo Game Rules

Experience the thrill of playing Ludo with real money stakes. Learn the rules of DiamondLudo app for each game mode and start winning today!

Ludo Tournaments


  • Pay a one-time entry fee to participate.
  • Each round is points-based or involves taking tokens home.
  • The player with the maximum points or tokens wins and moves to the next round or wins the prize.
  • It’s a multi-round game with exciting rewards.
Quick Ludo Mode

Quick Ludo

  • Start with 4 pawns at the base.
  • Move pawns with any number rolled.
  • Taking home or killing opponent pawns gives an extra turn.
  • Win by taking 2 pawns home before opponents.
  • It’s mandatory to kill one opponent’s pawn to enter home.
Classic Ludo Mode

Classic Ludo

  • Start with 4 pawns at the base.
  • Move pawns when you roll a 6 or 1.
  • Taking pawns home or killing opponent pawns gives an extra turn.
  • If two or more pawns are together, opponents can kill one.
  • Win by taking all 4 pawns home before opponents.

Play Ludo Online on Diamond Ludo

Play Safely with 100% Security

Our Users Feedback

Manoj Jain
Manoj Jain Best Ludo Game

Good day, I was able to withdraw my money without any problem, thanks for the support and the fast transaction.

Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma Good Ludo Game

I was just playing a round of Diamond ludo, and I have to say I am completely addicted. I love that every time I log in there are new players and new challenges.

Balljinder Singh
Balljinder Singh Amazing Experience wtih DiamondLudo

I really like your site and the games are very good. I'm a game lover so i would like to tell you that this is the only site which has guidance for how to win game and explain everything for new players.

Ayush Jha
Ayush Jha Highly Recommend DiamondLudo

Hello, I want to thank you for the payment. I received it on my ewallet and already received it in my bank account. I just want to thank you for your fast service and I highly recommend you to other players.

Sushant Malik
Sushant Malik Ultimate Ludo App

When I first started using Diamond Ludo, I had some questions about how to use it. The tech support team was very helpful and answered all of my questions in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Yes, it is safe to play Diamond Ludo. The game is regularly monitored for safety and security, and all players must abide by the game’s safety and security rules.

To play Ludo with friends, you will need to gather at least four players and have one person as the game host. The host will need to create a game room and share the details with the other players.

There are several online ludo games but Diamond Ludo is a popular ludo game that gives real money to winning players.

Yes, it is possible to win money on Diamond Ludo if you are playing in a real-money online. However, it is important to note that this is a game of chance, so the outcome of any particular game is unpredictable.

To withdraw money from Diamond Ludo, you will need to log in to your account and click on the “Withdraw” button. You will then be required to enter the amount you wish to withdraw and provide your bank account details. Once your request has been processed, the money will be transferred to your bank account.

Yes, Diamond Ludo is a game of skill. It requires strategy and careful planning and some luck to win.

You can refer Diamond Ludo to someone by sharing the game’s website or sending a link to the download page. Also, you can refer to someone by sending them an invitation link or by mentioning it on social media.

The rules of Ludo are as follows:

  • Each player chooses one of four colors (red, yellow, green, or blue) and places four pieces in their colored starting area.
  • Players take turns rolling a single die to determine how many spaces they can move.
  • Players can move their pieces clockwise around the board, with the goal of getting all four pieces to the center home area.
  • If a player rolls a 6, they get an extra turn.
  • If a player lands on a space occupied by another player’s piece, the other piece is sent back to its starting area.
  • The first player to get all four pieces into the home area wins the game.

The benefits of playing Ludo games on Diamond Ludo are:

  • 1) It is a safe and secure platform for playing Ludo games with friends and family.
  • 2) It offers a wide variety of classic and modern Ludo games with attractive graphics and effects.
  • 3) Players can interact with each other in real time while playing the games.
  • 4) It also provides a leaderboard and rewards system to motivate and encourage players.
  • 5) Players can also play tournaments and challenge each other in the game.
  • 6) The game also offers various customization options to make the game more fun.

Playing Ludo games on Diamond Ludo is a great way to have fun and enjoy the classic board game with friends and family. Diamond Ludo offers a clean and easy-to-use interface, fun game modes, and a variety of customizable settings. Additionally, Diamond Ludo offers online leaderboards and tournaments, giving you the chance to compete against players from around the world and show off your skills.

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